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Mayors Innovation Project

We’re here to help mayors and cities succeed.


The Mayors Innovation Project creates spaces that are uniquely for mayors and their most trusted advisors. Our member cities, diverse in geography and size, are leaders in policy innovation. Through annual meetings, specialized cohorts & networks, technical assistance, publications, and more, we are the organization that supports mayors as people and as city leaders.

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Mayor Jamie Harkins, Lafayette, CO


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    This is a guest post from our partner, The Little Think Tank. Across the country, people are looking to local leaders to help manage the stress and fear of this new and unknown disease.  Leaders …

  • Zoom screenshot with New Mayors Cohort attendees, Mayors Innovation Project staff, and Pete Buttigieg


    Our updates from how we are supporting mayors, including the Virtual Innovation Showcase, the New Mayors Cohort, the Water Affordability Academy, and more.

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    Virtual Innovation Showcase: Mayor Keith James and Response to COVID-19

    Mayor Keith James of West Palm Beach, FL is our first mayor to record his Virtual Innovation Showcase presentation.

  • City Data and Pandemic Response

    Data’s role in the pandemic City efforts to expand innovations in data and technology have proven crucial in responding to the COVID pandemic. From mapping localized infection rates and predicting hospitalizations, to contact tracing among …

  • Image of boy playing in water fountain with the words, Water Affordability Academy, co-hosted by The Water Center at Penn

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    Local water utilities are already facing aging water infrastructure, effects of climate change, and increasing operating costs. This leads to a major dilemma: increase water rates to pay for infrastructure needs or keep rates static …

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